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just stay outer their way till they get tired and call off the


" If they've got evidence, they won't get tired soon."

" Neither will I," Doctor MacDonald said cheerfully, "long
as folks'll put up with all the visiting round I been doing

"They won't get tired," Mr. Munn replied slowly, "un-

"Unless what?"

" Unless the Associationll play ball  Make a deal."

" Which it won't do," Doctor MacDonald said.

"Unless," Mr. Munn remarked quietly, "they catch you.
Then they'll try to force a deal by putting the pressure on
you. On whoever else they can get. Me, for instance."

"They won't catch me," Doctor MacDonald announced.
" It ain't in them." He lay back at ease, propped on his elbow
on the bed, and the smoke curled comfortably up from his
pipe. His boots, damp and stained with half-dried mud,
stood by the bed. He wriggled his toes in his heavy wool
socks, and complacently studied their motion. "Another
thing I can't figure," he said, " is Smullin calling me up and
telling me about the warrant. Never saw the man half a
dozen times in my life. Never said more'n howdy-do

"I've seen him a lot, being round the courthouse the way
I am," Mr. Munn said, "but I can't say I know him, exactly.
Nobody does. He never says a thing. Just hangs round a
bunch of men, on the edge; one of those fellows—you know
the kind—they hang round on the edge and never say a


"He's sure a God-forsaken, broken-down-looking old

" He's that," Mr. Munn agreed.

"Well, I can't figure out him calling up. You'd figure
him sucking along with the gang at the courthouse. And
all they want Is to keep on warming chairs with their fat